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Women returning to the workplace may face gender discrimination

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Mothers in Portland may stay out of the workforce while their children are young to care for the family. However, once their children are older, for example, when their children start school, a mother may decide it is time to re-enter the workforce. When they return, however, they may experience gender discrimination, especially if they work in the health care industry.

Gender discrimination violates federal law

Under federal law, a person experiences gender discrimination in the workplace if they are treated differently or unfairly due to their gender. Gender discrimination is illegal in the U.S. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on gender and other protected categories.

Gender discrimination is still pervasive in the health care industry

Despite its illegality, gender discrimination is still pervasive in the U.S., especially in the health care industry. According to one study, female academic medicine hospitalists often experience gender discrimination in the workplace. More female doctors than their male counterparts reported that their career opportunities were negatively impacted by gender discrimination. Women may receive lower pay than their male counterparts in the same position, may be offered fewer benefits or employment opportunities or may be passed up for a job or promotion that they are qualified for. For example, a woman who is middle aged and unmarried may be discriminated against in the workplace by those who consider her to be an “old maid.”

Learn more about workplace discrimination

While many strides have been made to prohibit discrimination in the workplace, gender discrimination is still a problem in the U.S. This post is for informational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Women who believe they have been subjected to workplace discrimination are encouraged to explore our firm’s website to learn more about their rights and options.