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Common examples of pregnancy discrimination

Being pregnant inevitably means that you will need to take significant time off work to give birth and care for your child in the first months of their life. It could also mean that you will want to quit your job to care for your child in their early years. In addition, you may be forced to take significant periods off work during your pregnancy due to health issues, even if you want to continue to pursue your career.

This is why employers may be less inclined to hire those who are pregnant or those who may become pregnant in the future. Additionally, employers may decide to demote or fire employees when they become pregnant. All of these actions are forms of pregnancy discrimination, and they should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Your right to reasonable adjustments as a vision-impaired worker

It's illegal for workers to be discriminated against purely because of their disability. Everyone has the right to work without fear of being judged, harassed or discriminated against because of their disability or impairment. Workers who are visually impaired can thrive in a broad range of careers when they have the support of their workplace.

If you are vision-impaired, you likely need specific technology to help you get your job done with ease, especially if you work at a computer. If you have been struggling to obtain such equipment at your workplace or you feel that your employer is resistant to helping you succeed at work, make yourself aware of your rights as a visually impaired employee.

You can get justice if you are being bullied at work

The act of bullying is often considered to be something that only school-age children engage in. However, it is, unfortunately, much more pervasive in all aspects of society, and it can be perpetrated by adults of any age. Bullying can very often take place in the office or working environment, and it can lead to many negative consequences for the victim, from poor work performance to mental health issues.

If you are being bullied in an Oregon workplace, it is important that you take the time to ask yourself how this has affected all aspects of your life. It is quite likely that the bullying that you have experienced at work has become a constant source of worry and anxiety at home.

Can I be fired because of my mental illness?

So many people in the United States suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. When mental health issues are severe, they can be classed as a disability, just as any physical ailment or condition could be seen as a disability.

If you have a disability, regardless of whether it is mental or physical, you have certain protections under the law. You will consequentially be protected from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Additionally, this means that you cannot be fired because of your mental health issues.

You should never tolerate sexual orientation discrimination

If you are an employee, it is likely that you try to be friendly toward other workers and get to know more about their personal lives. Learning more about the interests and the lives of coworkers is a way to build a strong team and to develop a sense of camaraderie among employees.

While you might feel some level of social pressure to share more about your personal life at work, you never have the obligation to do so. In addition to this and perhaps more importantly, if you do share personal details such as your gender identity or sexual orientation, you should never be discriminated against as a result.

Oregon kids at risk for bicycle collisions with autos

While bicycling is a milestone for many kids and great for outside play, children are still often at risk of being in a bicycle accident.

Many of today's adults grew up in an era where nobody wore helmets when bicycling. But research has shown the error of a generation's ways, as it's been proven that wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce the likelihood of serious injury by as much as 78 percent. In fact, wearing a helmet that fits your head properly is the best way to avoid any head injuries from biking.

Being deaf is a protected disability under employment laws

People who are deaf or hard of hearing have every right to be able to support themselves. In fact, laws in this country specifically forbid employers from discriminating against employees based on a disability. Not having hearing that falls within normal parameters is considered a disability in these cases.

Those who fall into this category should be provided reasonable accommodations at work so that they can do their job duties. Employers are forbidden from using a person's status as deaf or hard of hearing as a reason not to hire the person or for taking adverse employment actions. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which these individuals might have to deal with this atrocious behavior.

What are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents?

Pedestrians need to know what it takes to remain safe at all times, regardless of the areas they walk on their daily routes. Pedestrians frequently walk to and from their vehicles at shopping mall parking lots. They also cross crowded city streets on the way to the office. Each time pedestrians set out on foot they are at risk of getting struck by distracted, impaired or negligent motorists.

There are things pedestrians can do to prevent these type of accidents, which can maim or kill them. It's vital to for them to pay attention to what's going on around them and remembering to always cross the street using crosswalks.