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Your protections from sexual orientation discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Firm News

In most cases, employees in the United States have the right to be protected from sexual orientation discrimination. This means that a person’s sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation cannot be a factor in any decisions made about them in the workplace. While the law is very clear on this, it is an unfortunate fact that many workers continue to suffer damages due to unlawful employment discrimination.

If you believe that you may have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your sexual orientation, you must not tolerate this. By understanding your legal rights and learning more about how to take action, you will be more equipped to effectively protect your career.

What are the Oregon laws on sexual orientation discrimination?

Oregon has a policy that protects against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in employment. This means that workers in both the public and private sectors in Oregon are protected.

What types of protections are offered in Oregon?

Workers in Oregon are protected from any type of discrimination relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. This includes perceptions regarding sexual orientation, whether true or not. For example, if an employee is perceived by an employer to be LGBT and the employer decides not to promote them based on this perception, they will be engaging in this type of discrimination. Even if the affected worker is not LGBT, they can still take legal action on this type of discrimination.

What types of actions count as discrimination?

Any type of negative behavior that is based on the perception of gender identity or sexual orientation that’s taken in the workplace is unlawful. This could be a refusal to hire a person, a refusal to promote or give a pay rise, or a decision to fire.

How can I prove that sexual orientation discrimination took place?

It can be difficult to prove that sexual orientation discrimination took place. However, if your employer made any comments about your sexual orientation or took any related activities that made you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or insecure, you may be able to note this when making a claim.

You must not allow discrimination to negatively affect your career. Make sure that you take swift action to assert your rights if you believe that you have been affected by sexual orientation discrimination.