Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Facing A Hostile Work Environment In Portland?

Going to work every day shouldn’t mean stepping into an environment of harassment and anger. Often, managers and supervisors will find ways to retaliate against workers who complain about work conditions or file valid claims.

Sometimes, the retaliation is subtle, like moving your desk away from coworkers or keeping your annual pay raise to a minimum. Sometimes, though, the work environment can become downright ugly, in an illegal attempt to force you to quit.

Are You Caught In A Hostile Work Place?

If you think it is getting more difficult to report to work every day because of a hostile work environment, don’t talk to your boss until you talk to an experienced employment lawyer.

The Law Offices of Daniel Snyder has been working on behalf of workers in Portland and communities in northwest Oregon for more than 20 years. We have negotiated fair settlements for numerous workers who just want to do their job in a safe, professional environment. We can help you.

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What Is A Hostile Work Environment?

Let’s answer that question by explaining what it is not. Rude and boorish behavior on the part of a coworker may be inappropriate and it may border on harassment, but it doesn’t mean the work environment is hostile.

To be considered a hostile environment, the courts must determine that intimidating conduct is specifically directed at you because of your gender, age, race or other personal trait protected by the Civil Rights Act. In addition, to win a settlement or jury verdict, you will have to show that the conduct is severe and a deliberate attempt to force you to seek employment elsewhere in the organization or quit without being fired.

Have you noticed any of these signs of a hostile work environment at your job?

  • Verbal threats of assault
  • Threats getting fired if you don’t quit
  • Supervisors refusing to communicate with you about your responsibilities
  • Unnecessary changes in your schedule to make your job inconvenient for your family
  • Deliberate assignment to job responsibilities that is beyond your capacity

Should You Talk To Your Boss First?

If you are experiencing a hostile work environment or discrimination, put the facts down in writing. It is a huge mistake to tell your employer that you are considering consulting with a lawyer. Even discussing the issue with your supervisor often creates more problems.

Get your complaints on record with a qualified attorney, who can address the issue from a position of knowledge. The hostile environment may have to continue in a significant way before the employer assumes liability for damages. But by being on record with written reports, you have taken the first critical step to protect yourself.

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