Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Don’t Sign A Severance Agreement Before Talking With Us

It’s tempting to sign a severance agreement and move on with your life after losing your job. The money often looks great but, in reality, your company is a lot more interested in protecting itself than making sure your family is provided for. Before you sign, let an experienced employment law attorney at the Law Offices of Daniel Snyder explain what is written between the lines.

Our firm is recognized as one of the Portland area’s prominent employment law firms. Attorney Daniel Snyder has been fighting on the side of workers since opening our doors in 1987. Contact us to arrange an opportunity to discuss your severance agreement.

Did you sign an arbitration agreement after you started working? There is a general trend to make workers sign an agreement forcing you to take grievances about severance pay to an impartial arbitrator, rather than file a lawsuit. Under Oregon law, an arbitration agreement is only valid if you signed it at least two weeks prior to starting your job.

Before You Take The Money, Know What You’re Taking

Severance money nearly always comes with strings attached. Many severance agreements expect you to sign away your civil rights. Under state and federal law, that’s illegal. Let us sit down with you and determine whether there is an obvious violation of the law. Talk to us about the circumstances of your termination and the severance package you have been offered.

We’ll explain whether your severance agreement includes any of these hidden provisions:

  • Illegal noncompete clauses
  • Unexplained or unusual tax deductions
  • Clauses that preclude you from filing a lawsuit
  • Illegal arbitration or mediation agreements
  • Illegal ‘gag’ clauses
  • All other violations of your civil rights

Not Offered A Fair Severance Package?

If you have not been offered the fair severance package you deserve for your loyalty and hard work at the company, we will negotiate on your behalf for the best deal possible for your circumstances.

You probably didn’t want to have to hire a lawyer about your severance package, but your company has left you no other choice. Contact us as soon as possible after your termination. Call 503-821-7898.